Dr. Pramod Shinde

Dr. Pramod ShindeIs the chief Laparoscopic, GI, Bariatric, Onco -surgeon, specialising in advanced Hernia surgery. He is a pioneer of Endoscopic Anterior Component Separation in India, a special technique used to repair very large, recurrent and complicated hernias. After having Done his MS in Surgery from Miraj Medical College and the famous Wanless Hospital from Miraj, he Started his Practice at Nashik in 1987. He is trained in Cancer, GI, Vascular and Portal Hypertension, and later started the first Laparoscopic Surgery centre of North Maharashtra in 1993. He is now known all over India and abroad for his advanced Laparoscopic surgery, especially Hernia surgery, and specialises and leads the field of AWR, which is a new way of treating complicated hernias