What are the symptoms of Hernia?

  1. Swelling which appears in the Abdomen or Groin, on standing, coughing or straining. This swelling disappears on lying down in the initial or early period of illness. As days go by, the swelling becomes larger, and does not go back inside the Abdomen on lying down. However, some patients may learn to manipulate the swelling so that it goes back inside
  2. Pain in the groin with or without swelling
  3. Pain the swelling on strenuous activity
  4. Increase in size of swelling on coughing, straining
  5. Swelling in the groin going to Scrotum.
  6. Sudden onset of Pain in. Abdomen with hardening of the swelling and failure of swelling to go back inside the Abdomen: this suggests that the Hernia is Obstructed and is an emergency.