Hernia with Wide Defect

Dr. Pramod Shinde 

Is the chief Laparoscopic, GI, Bariatric and Onco surgeon. After having Done his MS in Surgery from Miraj Medical College and the famous Wanless Hospital from Miraj, he Started his…he Started his Practice at Nashik in 1987. He is trained in Cancer, GI, Vascular and Portal Hypertension, Best Hernia Treatment, Fistula treatment, Epigastric\colorectal treatment in kaushalya Hospital and Research center.

A hernia is basically a defect or a hole through which abdominal contents come out of the abdominal wall and stay outside in a sac between the skin and abdominal muscles. This defect or hole can be of any size ranging from 1 cm to a very large size going into several centimeters. A small defect of one to six CMS does not pose a major problem in closing it with sutures. A defect larger than six to eight centimeters poses many problems like a large number of contents remaining outside the abdominal cavity, loss of support to spine, and above all, difficulty in closing the defect by simple suture technique: The closure of defect needs special techniques of closure commonly known as a Component Separation technique.

Thus the repair of Hernia with a wide/large defect becomes a special problem and is tackled by surgeons trained and equipped to deal with it by using advanced surgical techniques. (Read More..)